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Presentation of the project research findings at the European Conference of Educational Research ECER 2023, 22-25 August 2023, Glasgow, UK.

Title of the presentation: Young People at Risk in Vocational Education: The Social Ecology of Risk Factors for Vocational Students. 

Inna Bentsalo made a presentation at the Emerging Researchers Conference. There were presented the findings of qualitative study of the second work package applied for the PHD research of Inna Bentsalo. The aim of her PHD thesis is to find out the social and individual factors that increase and/or decrease the risk factors of at-risk youth in initial vocational education in Estonia and their interactions in the context of an individual learning path. Based on this, the risk factors of young people at risk of dropping out of vocational education are discussed from a socio-ecological approach, paying attention to the limitations and opportunities experienced in their individual learning paths and the role of vocational education in preventing risk factors.

The presentation slides: Download presentation